Carbon Neutral
Carbon Neutral
31 October 2011

The FIRST carbon neutral estate agent in Hertfordshire

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We are excited to present another new FIRST for property owners in Harpenden and the surrounding villages.

John Curtis Estate Agents has taken steps to be the FIRST carbon neutral estate agent in Hertfordshire!

Working with Carbon Accountable, the trading name of Ltd, we have identified the environmental impact our business has by monitoring our carbon emissions.

We have put plans in place to avoid, reduce, and offset unavoidable future carbon emissions.

The first step was to measure our carbon footprint for 2010.

The result was that in total, our office in Harpenden & Village & Country Homes office in Wheathampstead, was responsible for just under 25 tonnes of carbon emission, or 25 tco2e for the calendar year of 2010.

We have offset our carbon emissions for 2010 through a validated fuel-switching project that generates Verified Emission Reduction (VER's) carbon credits and additionally have committed to planting a tree for each tco2e we offset. That's 25 new broad-leaf trees planted in the South East of England. Not a forest by any means but trees are great for biodiversity and are the lungs of the planet!

We have the certification available in both offices, so rest assured that John Curtis is committed to helping each and every existing and new client experience a sustainable, and environmentally friendly move.

Ken Whittaker & Ric Merlo, Directors
John Curtis Estate Agents Ltd.


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